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Vintage PEZ are worth how much $$ !?

Yes, you read that right.

According to their site, "You can tell how old a Pez dispenser is by looking at the Patent Number on the side of a Pez Stem. If the Patent Number reads: 2,620,061 then it was produced from 1952-1968. If the Patent Number reads: 3,410,455 then it was produced from 1968-1974.

But nearly all Pez without feet bring at least $10 or more. And, one in three from the 1960s are worth $100. If you have a "Make-a-Face" Pez on its original card you can put a whopping $2,500 in your pocket.

When did PEZ get feet?

Pez dispensers didn't have feet until 1987, when they were introduced to make the dispensers more stable when standing. Feet are the protrusions at the bottom or base of the dispenser.

The PEZ in the picture is a perfect example - CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT - Worth $$!

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